Adamswell Business Consultancy offer Audit services to ensure integrity within Management Systems.  Our auditors are all registered under the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) that ensures that they have the combination of years of experience, the academic qualifications, and have signed up to a code of conduct that guarantees confidentiality.  

Different audit products are suitable for different clients e.g.:

(i) Gap Analysis – for 

  1. Organisations which do not yet have a system in place but would like to put one in place, 
  2. Organisations which have put their system in place and feel that they are ready for final certification but want to be sure prior to the certification body’s visit.
  3. Or organisations which have a system to an older standard, e.g. ISO 9001:2008 and want to update to the latest version, e.g. ISO 9001:2015

(ii) Internal Audit Support


For organisations that are struggling to keep up with their internal audit schedule, either because they have grown and are using their internal resource for other duties, or are struggling to get the independence required by the various management standards.  Internal Audit Support can be for a full schedule of audits or for one audit to audit the in-house auditor.

(iii) Supplier / Vendor Audits


As there is more and more emphasis on “controlling” processes carried out by others the concept of auditing the suppliers / vendors to ensure that they are following the processes that are required is more important.  As suppliers / vendors are located around the country and auditing suppliers is time consuming, using an external agency to do this makes sense.  Adamswell Business Consultants has experience of carrying out Supplier / Vendor audits to various management standards and to contracts.  

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